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Peanut Butter Addicts

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fat_bitch @ 10:19 pm: fuck yeah
1. Name: Natalie
2. Gender: dirty whore
3. Age: 18
4. Location: Redwood city CA

Peanut Butter Preferences
1. Creamy or crunchy? smooth is delightful!
2. Brand? Skippy (My bird named skippy died though)
3. Favorite accompaniment (i.e. jelly, honey, bananas, etc)? spoon
4. What flavor jelly? jizzberry
5. Time of day you like to eat peanut butter? every step I take...every move I make
6. Favorite peanut butter flavored confection? BUTTERFINGER
7. Besides sandwiches, what else do you like to put peanut butter on? dead relatives

1. If you could have an endless supply of peanut butter, but it had to come out of one of your orifices, which orifice would you choose? brains, peanut butter brains
2. Would you rather swim in an ocean of peanut butter or play in peanut butter rain? peanut butter storm
3. If you won the lottery, how much money would you spend on peanut butter? I would have a PB BMW
4. If they changed the laws to allow people to marry food, would you marry peanut butter? If it was dick shaped, yeah

1. When was the first time you tasted the joys of peanut butter? Describe the experience. sheer ecstasy
2. How did you handle the ostracism you experienced from friends and family when they learned you were a peanut butter addict? I dont know, I killed them all and took their peanut buter
3. Describe what your life would be like if a peanut butter nazi came and destroyed all the peanut butter in the world. I would slice off his weiner, nipples, and ass and make a sandwich out of that
4. Lastly, write a peanut butter haiku. seriously what the fuck is a haiku man


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Date:February 21st, 2005 09:26 am (UTC)
sorry natalie...at first i accepted you but then i forgot i am not the ruler of this community...now that we have 4 members, they ALL have to vote on you.
Date:February 22nd, 2005 04:00 am (UTC)


let the peanut buttery craziness bgin!
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Date:February 21st, 2005 10:11 am (UTC)


I liked your application. but Theres are no pictures. You could be a fat hairy hog...and I wouldnt know. To say yes without first seeing how you look goes against american society.

if you can supply a picture and you arnt ugly. then yes.

Date:February 23rd, 2005 03:20 am (UTC)


I dont have an internet camera, let alone know how to use one!

Im pretty cute though
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Date:February 21st, 2005 10:53 pm (UTC)


i'm very torn... you obviously love peanut butter... enough to kill your loved ones. that shows me your dedication, but you also answered brains for RANDOM question #1. i was looking for the answer "butt". let's see those peanut butter pictures! so we can make our decisions.
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