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Peanut Butter Addicts

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cluckcluckclock @ 10:57 am: all work and no peanut butter make jaqui a dull girl
i am at work and i am so hungry!!! all i can think about is peanut butter!!! would it really be so bad if i quit my job? i mean, come on. four hours a day, five days a week, without peanut butter??? it goes against my most basic of instincts. besides, i could always find a better job doing something i LOVE. i could work in a peanut butter factory, on a peanut farm, as a peanut butter vendor, etc. there are so many other opportunities i don't know why i waste my time here. yes, i think i am going to tell my boss today. FUCK THIS ANTI-PEANUT BUTTER BULLSHIT.

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